2006 was our best OVGE yet! All the vendors did well, exhibitors did even better, and most important… Everyone had a great time and stayed the whole day!

Rob O’Hara came back for the third time to promote the release and sale of his new book “Commodork” and to sell a few extras from his house. Below is the link to Rob’s pics at the show.

Rob “Flack” O’Hara’s 2006 OVGE Gallery

Earl Green of “Phospher Dot Fossils” came back again for the forth time and had an absolutely awesome display of action figures, gaming memoribilia, videos, and even an Atari Video Music up and running during the event! As always Earl went way above and beyond and the OVGE can’t thank him enough! Here are Earl’s pics from the 2006 OVGE:

Earl “PDF” Green’s 2006 OVGE Gallery

We also had a new exhibitor this year that teamed up with the PDF table to display what is easily the most interesting and amazing historical exhibit that the OVGE has ever had. Beloware the links to “Ubikuberalles” amazing Altair setup and his OVGE experience!

Ubik’s OVGE Photo Journal part 1

Ubik’s OVGE Photo Journal part 2

And of course we finally have our own 2006 OVGE Flash presentation up and ready for view. The link below will take you to the 2006 OVGE presentation courtesy of Ivory Tower Collections. This presentation requires the Flash 6 plugin installed on your browser to view. Warning! This will take a while to load on dial-up connections.

OVGE 2006 Gallery Presentation
(Requires Flash 6 Plugin or higher)

If you have pictures from this show or any other previous OVGEs that you would like to see added to the galliries, just shoot us an e-mail with a link and be sure to include your name so we can give proper credit!