AtariAge came back for the 2nd annual OKGE and had a much larger display with even more classic goodness available for purchase. And even though they were busy with other things, they still managed to find time to snap their own pictures for the event.

Brian Green and his wife Ginger came back once again to display their rare collection of Amiga gaming goodness. Brian seem to have a good time at the show and we hope to see him again on many happy returns! Below are Brian’s pictures he took during the 2004 OKGE event.

Earl Green also game back again with his buddy Kent. They put together an awesome display of gaming history with lots of memorabilia and Odyessy goodness setup for all to play and enjoy! Earl’s report on the show with lots of photos can be found in the link below:

Rob O’Hara was one of our fine exhibitors at the ’04 show and he not only managed to get himself into quite a few pictures from everyone elses photo gallery of the event, but also managed to get quite a few pictures of the event for himself! Rob brought with him his amazing collection of console copier devices and had a very unique “Pirate” themed display at the event. Click below for Rob’s photo gallery:

Even though organizing and hosting a show like this is a lot of hard work, we do manage to find time to take a few pictures and even sometimes get to enjoy a bit of the event ourselves. The link below will take you to the 2004 OKGE presentation courtesy of Ivory Tower Collections and Curtis Gauger. This presentation will require the Flash 6 plugin installed on your browser to view. Warning! This will take a while to load up on dial-up connections.

OKGE 2004 Gallery Presentation
(Requires Flash 6 Plugin or higher)