A full report on the show has been graciously done by Earl Green of Phosphor Dot Fossils and can be found at his website below:
Phosphor Dot Fossils OKGE Report (Complete with pics)

Albert Yarusso from AtariAge has also put together a photo gallery of pictures they took at the show, which can be found below:

AtariAge’s 2003 OKGE Gallery

Rob “Flack” O’Hara came to the first OKGE as an attendee. As his first classic gaming expo event, it made quite the impression. Enough so, that he came back in 2004 as an exhibitor! We thank Rob for his photos and for coming out to see us!

Rob “Flack” O’Hara’s OKGE 2003 Gallery

Finally you can find all the pictures we took of the 1st OKGE below with captions. Warning! This presentation requires the Flash 6 Plug-in and will take a while to load on dial-up connections.

OKGE 2003 Gallery Prsentation

(Requires Flash 6 Plug-in or better)